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  • Posted by Anonymous
  • on March 18th, 2011
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Warning dating nightmare! I met a woman at work conference and really clicked with her. We began to email each other and talk online. It wasn’t too long before I asked her out. We went out and it was great, we had so much in common, both in the same profession and similar backgrounds. Before dinner was over we were finishing each other’s sentences, it was amazing, such chemistry. The date had to end at the restaurant as I had a flight in the morning for a business trip. We kissed good night, actually made out good night in her car for about 15 minutes. I was seriously considering canceling my trip, all I wanted to do was be with this amazing women. The connection between us was phenomenal, I was thinking maybe she was the one.

After the date I rushed home to pack, while I was packing my mother called to inquire about my date. I began to tell how great it was and how special this girl was. My mother asked me where she worked, I told her the name of the firm and she said you have a cousin that works at that same firm. She asked me what her name was and then told me I had a cousin named that, who worked at that firm! You get the picture. I was mortified, my heart sunk to my feet. Suffice to say that was the end of that and the beginning of years of therapy.

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