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Quote of the Day
Passion makes the world go round. Love just makes it a safer place.
~Ice T

So I had been flirting with this guy for over a year. We met through a mutual friend when I was looking for someone to install my new car radio. The installation turned to text messages just “asking how the radio is working”, which turned into some pretty steamy texts. We both have ridculous schedules, so I don’t get to see him very often. When I’m home, he’s either at the gym or working or vice versa. Two weeks ago, he apparantly had had enough of waiting so he asks me on Monday what I’m doing Thursday. I stop myself from shouting “You!” into the phone and tell him that if I’m not working, I was supposed to be visiting a friend (and his fiancee) with my mom to see his new house (which was true, but seriously, who wouldn’t rather be getting some than spending time with mom and the one that got away?). So he respoonds with “Wednesday, then?” I say that I’ll come home as quickly as possible after work to make this happen. I get home Wednesday, ask him what he’s doing, and he’s on his way to the gym. Dick. Fine. “I’m really sorry, I misunderstood, I thought we were on for tomorrow. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” I tell him, ” Ok, I ended up having to work tomorrow, but I’ll get home ASAP again.” I get home Thursday, made my usually 40 minute drive through torrential pouring rain and flooded highways, which then made it take an hour and a half, let him know that I’m home….. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…. he’s asleep. Double dick. “Nevermind then.” I don’t bother trying to get in touch with him again, no matter how much I want to. Tuesday rolls around, I get a “Hey.” 10 minutes go by, because well, if I have to wait, you sure as shit are gonna have to wait. Next message “Look, I know you are probably under a bad impression, but I really really do want to come and see you, Please? I’ll make it up to you, I swear. Please, when you get a chance, just text me back, thank you.” I say “Hello.” I thought it portrayed my frustration and got the point across just fine. I was right. I get “I know you’re upset with me, but come on, please, what are you doing later? I’ll come over tonight, no matter what time you get home.” I say, “Ok, fine.” Now it’s a game, and the ball is in my court. I text him at like 11 pm telling him “Sorry, i just got home, I’m going to bed. I have a half day tomorrow though.” Ha! Point for me. The next morning I get another text… “What time do you get home? I’m leaving work early and coming to your house.” I told him I get home at about 2 ish, he says he’ll be there at about 4/4:30. I tell him “Fine, but then you gotta get your ass out before 6, because I’m going to meet a friend at the gym.” Another point for me. I decide to not beat around the bush about what exactly it is that I want, so I go find my sexiest lingere, and throw on a cute robe over it. He rings the bell, I practically drag him into the house telling him exactly just how much making it up to me he had to do. He apparantly takes instruction very well, cause it was oh, so made up to me. As a matter of fact, I’m fairly positive that he unmade it, and then made it 2 more times. Long story short… I think I won two of those battles, but he ultimately won that particular war. Either way, it pays to be direct…. that way, I get what I want. A hot, muscle bound dude in my bed who is willing to let me throw him out and drag him back whenever I so desire.

Chillin at a jazz club with my sister when i spotted the bass doing his thang. He sent some drinks over to our table all night. Before the end of their gig he sent me his phone number. I giggled like a school girl and accepted. I called him two days later didnt want to seem desperate and we set a date to meet for dinner. OMG he must have been on a soap box because that little mf was 2 feet tall. Had on pants that must have been his grandfather and the silver disco belt must have wrapped around his twice. Remember whats in the dark will come to light……………..

Sitting on the corner of 135th and Lenox sipping on some tea. I noticed this gentleman at the phone who smiled at me, naturally I smiled back. He was such a gentleman. We went to the library and talked for hours. He smelt good and looked good but i couldnt understand why he kept giving me the finger. I didnt pay it any attention because i was having such a good day. At the end of our day i asked him if you like me so much why are you giving me the finger. He said im not giving you t he finger i tore a ligament in my finger so it is like that permanetly.

I met this guy at a restaurant my best friend/roommate used to work at. He was really cute, sweet and liked me, so we gave it a shot. He told me he had a policy about waiting until we were together for a month before we would sleep together. I thought it was sweet at first, but in thinking about it more and more started to think it was a little silly for a guy in his mid-twenties to want to wait that long, but I was like him, so I played the game. His brother worked with him, so we all used to hang out together with the other restaurant employees and have drinks and talk and stuff. All they used to tell me was that when we finally did get it together, that I was gonna be in for quite a ride. I waited the month reluctantly, and on the night that midnight would mark our “monthaversary” we went out to dinner and a comedy show with some other couples. 11:59 was the longest minute of my life. I was starting to get antsy. I told him “We need to go.” We went back to my house, and he wanted to go have a cigarette first. I informed him that I would be starting without him. He came in the room, we had our fun for about 8 rounds. I thought I hit the jackpot. I was wrong. For the next month that we were together, he slept over my house almost every night, and every night he was there, I got shot down. I did everything short of get on top of him and do it myself. I wore lingere, I wore nothing, I started touching him, nothing worked. He was always ineveitably “too tired.” Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I was starting to wonder if it was me. I have a very good friend who is into indy wrestling. I went to one of his shows, and brought home one of the wrestlers. It definitely wasn’t me. The next day I broke up with him, telling him that it felt more like we were just friends than anything else. He was sad about it, but said he understood, and that I would always be his “number 1 draft pick”. I think he was gay. Anyway… fast forward to a few months later. My best friend/roommate and I are at a bar with his brother and a few other employees from the restaurant, my ex isnt there. While we are all talking, the brother pulls me aside and asks me why I broke up with him. I’m not shy, so I told him exactly what my problem was. He says “oh, damn.” We all get a little buzzed, and when its time to go, the brother realizes that he forgot his keys. Roommate and I inform him that it would be cool if he crashed on our couch for the night, since they both had work the next morning, he could catch a ride in with her. She goes up, and brother and I sit talking for a little bit, and then I decide to go to bed. I show him the bathroom and the kitchen, you know all the important stuff, and then tell him “I’ll be right here in this room, knock if you need anything.” Well at about 3:30 AM, he needed something. Brother knocked on my bedroom door, and as soon as I answered, he pushed me into the room and back onto the bed and started kissing me. Looks like I had been dating the wrong brother. To sum up, it was so good, my nightstands were upside down, my bed ended up on the opposite wall, pictures fell, lamps broke, and my roommates dog was apparantly having a coronary barking upstairs from all the noise. (I didn’t hear… I was too busy.) The next morning, I went to work and got a text shortly after asking “What the hell I was doing last night”. I innocently asked “Why?”. “Well, because brother is singing in the shower, 2 pictures fell off my wall, and the dog was losing his mind barking and howling.” I told her what happened, was was informed that I would be getting a high five later. The dog however, never forgave me.

I was having a bit of trouble in the dating world, so I decided to give in and join a dating website. I had met a lot of weirdos on there, including a guy who wanted to take me to a midget tossing contest for our first date. They apparantly still do that in some bars in New Jersey. So when I got a message from a guy who seemed to have his head on his shoulders including a job as an assistant DA, I was thrilled. To top it all off, he was cute too. We decide to meet up at a little restaurant on Arthur Ave for drinks, and then see where it went from there. We had a couple of drinks, and since things were going really well, we decided to have dinner. It was August, so it was really hot outside, but we noticed that it was a bit warm in the restaurant as well. We called one of the waiters over to tell him, and he apologized, explaining that someone had hit the thermostat, and turned the A/C off. Soon after the restaurant was nice and cool. We continued our date, the conversation was great, we parted, and even told each other when we got home. The next day, I started feeling kind of sick. It got worse over the next day or two. I heard from the ADA, and he explained that he was feeling sick too. After a minute of talking about it and some consideration, we realized that the thermostat that was turned off must have controlled the whole restaurant, including the kitchen. We had ordered similar dishes for dinner. We both had gotten food poisoning. We took it as a sign that we were definitely not meant to see each other again. We didn’t.