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Quote of the Day
Many people weigh the guilt they will feel against the pleasure of the forbidden action they want to take.
~Peter McWilliams

I was at a celebration dinner with an interesting set of people to put it mildly, celebrating an interesting moment. I met a very handsome man that was the brother of my friend (thank goodness for that). We went on several dates, but for some unknown reason I always paid for dinner and his father was one of the wealthiest men in the world. How funny is that? Go figure. One night after dinner we went back to his apartment, which had a beautiful view of the city overlooking St Patrick’s Cathedral, down Fifth Avenue. Very romantic- until…..He pulled out a guitar and began to serenade me. Oh no, please don’t do that was all I could think. Please stop, don’t sing. You’re making my ears bleed, do you see blood was what I wanted to ask. His sexy went from a 10 to a 2 in a millisecond. Regardless, of the horrifying serenade, we had sex, absolutely unmemorable. I saw him again in London and figured I’d give it another “go” and maybe it was just a bad day. Nope. Strike 2. Note to self, guitar serenade not a good sign unless it’s John Mayer.

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